Saturday, March 8, 2008

Valentines Day Outtakes - Maria

Yes, just slightly behind this month :-)..


jennifersadler said...

Thank you!!!

Your children are BEAUTIFUL!

I am so jealous of your camera - I am putting it on my wishlist :)

Can you tell me how to add blogs I regularly visit on my blogspot?

apt said...

She's so cute.
So, in the first shot, is she getting bored with the photoshoot, or thinking about something?

Christina said...

No, actually what she is thinking is "why is mom letting Pete take apples off of the table and allowing him to eat them while he's walking around? Why can't I do that?".

Answer, because it was the only way to keep him somewhat safely occupied as I was trying to concentrate on taking pictures of Maria.. I just like the color the apples along with her clothes in this picture..

Amy Carroll said...

I love your children's cute! And love that heart-shaped sucker. I tried to find them for use in my studio.

Love the new header too ;)

BettyG said...

Love that girl! Did she actually finish the lollipop?