Friday, April 4, 2008

Maria Lou Retton

Actually, most of these pictures are from the dance portion of her class but she can do a mean somersault..

She's looking at a certificate congratulating her for completing the class here. She looks like such a big girl here!


Keri said...

Those pictures are great! And I love the clever title of this post. :-) She looks like a pro in that cute leotard.

Amanda said...

Awww how cute!!

I think somebody needs a tutu ;)

Kerri said...

Very nice pictures!

apt said...

I think it's probably because of the way she carries herself in the photos, but I always have to remind myself that Maria isn't as old as I think she is.
She has some wisdom and maturity in her eyes and posture or something.

jennifersadler said...

That 3rd picture down is my fav!