Monday, April 28, 2008

Pete's "Old" Room

We have begun the transition of Pete to his "Big Boy" sports-themed room.
  • Night #1 - Great - went right to sleep - stayed there in the morning
  • Nap #1 - Not so good - back to the crib
  • Night #2 - Not easy - fussy and then went to sleep with Jason calming him down. Subsequent 4:30am visit. Slept in our bed the rest of the night because Mommy was too lazy to put him back (insert error sound)
On Night #1 after it went so easy, I went back to his "old" room and shut off the light in his empty room. It was kind of sad like I was shutting off the light to his babyhood. But, I know more exciting things are to come.... He always has something up his sleeve.
Here are some recent pictures taken in his "old" room:


Kerri said...

Your house is so nice! I love that baby room.
Bummer about the transition not being easy. Good luck!

apt said...

I hope as the week goes on the transition is easier for all of you.
As I haven't quite gotten here yet, I imagine it could be harder on you than Pete. When Willa leaves her nursery, I'll be sad, sad, sad.

Em said...

Fantastic photos! You are so talented, Christina.

And don't worry. Pete is still your little man. And soon you will have another little man to add to the mix.

Kerri said...

I just noticed the black fringes around the corners of the last two photos. Very professional finish! When are you going to start working for hire? :)