Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Walks with Boppa

"Boppa" or the kids' Grandpa likes to take them out for walks. Pete is to the point where if he sees Boppa at the door, he gets his coat and always expects him to take him for a walk. This isn't always in Boppa's plans so sometimes we have a very angry little boy when Boppa leaves without him. Also, during dinner, Pete is always looking outside of the window saying "Boppa" or "Where's Boppa" waiting for him to come down the driveway for a walk.
On the other hand, Maria likes to go for walks because that means they also make a pitstop at Boppa's House which has a goldmine of juice boxes (a delicacy we don't have at our house). She always seems to be thirsty after those "long" walks.


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That is so darling that they enjoy their walks with "Boppa" :-)