Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flowers 2008

Perennial Pyrethums - Love these!

Delosperma Startdust - This one is supposed to grow in really dry, hot areas.  I got it to bloom but it didn't spread very much.  It's very unique with it's jelly like foliage.  It's a perennial so I'm hoping next year it will spread more.

My beloved green envy zinnias - they didn't do as well as last year.  I'm not giving up!
Linaria Enchantment - These ones grew beautifully!  I was worried that they were so little that they wouldn't pack much punch but they sure did.  My only complaint is that they did not like extreme heat and seemed to almost "burn" in the heat of the summer.

Petunia Shockwave Ivory - These did not "wave" like the description said.  I love the color but I wish they spread as much as was promised.
Coleus Chocolate Mint - The color is beautiful again but it took FOREVER for this to grow and it didn't get that big.  

Just some weeds in our yard..

Shasta Daisy - These were kind of ho hum for me.  I lost a few in the seedling stage because we put them outside too early.

Petunia Dolcissima Limoncello - These were a little too yellow for me.
And these are Morninglight Petunias that came back from last year.  I love the yellow shade to these.


Purvi said...

Very pretty. Makes me wish winter didn't just start!

Em said...

Ohhh! Love these! Are these from your garden over the summer?? From the seeds?? IMPRESSIVE!

Kerri said...

Wow, your yard must've been gorgeous last summer!

Heather said...

beautiful!!! thanks for sharing... I needed to see a bit of spring/summer today! :)