Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Girl After My Own Heart

Pigtails - Check
Loves to Read - Check
Loves to Sing - Check
Bursting with Personality - Check
Gorgeous Eyes - Check

I had such a fun time taking these pictures and then going through them.  Enjoy!

Reading mommy and daddy her story.
She sang us some songs and it was adorable how expressive she was.

With these eyes, how could anyone resist reading a story to her?


The Loucks Family said...

Grace looks precious! These are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn said...

Oh, I love them! You definitely captured the true Grace, craziness and all! THANK YOU CHRISTINA! :)

Amanda said...


Regina White said...

How cute.

Kerri said...


BettyG said...

What a cutie! You just wanna hug her!

kristen ~ k.holly said...

You have such a way with child portraiture - I LOVE this session!

Beth said...

Christina, these are stunning. Nice work.