Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Boys and and a TON of Expressions

I can not believe how many cute expressions these brothers have. They are making me giggle like crazy. Here is a sample. Thanks to their mom for having me take pictures of them!!!


Lady? What are you doing?

Oh, I'm supposed to smile? No prob!

Mom, have you seen this expression before?

MOM! We don't want to get a job and have to wear these silly things!

Future trading card pose. Do they still make those?
While big brother played hockey for me, little brother sat right by me and giggled the whole time.

I had to include this smile.


the moore family said...

Adorable! Great job!! Thanks so much.

Keri said...

Cute boys and great photos!

Kerri said...

Those are really great!

Everyday Joy said...

Very cute!

Ashley said...

You could create a whole storyboard with all of the expressions. Beautiful Christina!