Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christmas Cookies 2008

Nuts spoil the chocolate taste. You'd have to try this one for yourself but I don't think I'll make it again.


The fact that these are Italian cookies and that there is ricotta cheese in them intriqued me. But, I really didn't like them. The taste was too muted for me. Others who tried it liked it though!

Maria's favorite cookie. I concur. Definitely worth making again and they have been made again! You do have to buy these cute little mini cupcake pans for this but well worth it.

Not chocolate but good.

Not chocolate, but pretty. These stayed soft for a good amount of time too.

These were too soft but they still tasted good.


Kerri said...

Oh my gosh, yum!

ashley folkema said...

Your making me hungry! :)

Oh I have to go eat a cookie.

Amanda said...

I should not have opened this...

Monica said...

These make me want to start baking so bad! They look delicious!!! :)