Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Very Special Photoshoot

Back in October, I took my brother and future SIL's engagement pictures in downtown Detroit. They love shopping at Eastern Market and I hear there is a great place there to buy peanut butter :-). Ben and Kara, thank you so much for waiting this long for me to finally finish everything and I am so looking forward to your wedding next year and finally having a sista!

This is where they got engaged..

What happens when you tell your younger brother to look "serious".

The couple wanted to visit le Tigre. Meow!

My grandpa was a die-hard Tiger fan.

Disclaimer: My brother would NOT be able to stomach a Kelly Clarkson concert. She just happened to be up on the sign.

For our final location, we happened upon the Red Dawn movie set. I wish we could have done more with it but we were dodging rain. And maybe we weren't supposed to be there to begin with :-)
Is LaFayette Coney Island going to make an appearance in the movie?

LaFayette Coney Island - It's all about the experience. The walls are adorned with all of it's famous customers including the Stanley Cup. And the food is great - especially after a long night of drinking.


Michelle said...

I LOVE how talented you are! These pics are awesome! I can't wait for you to take ours for our adoption profile. You will, right?!?! Merry Christmas! See you Saturday (hopefully!!) LOVE YOU!!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous, Christina! My two favorites are the Abbey Road homage and the one in front of the Fox Theatre. They're all beautiful!


ashley folkema said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!! :)