Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Animals

These are baby King Birds whose mom & dad made a nest right above our front door. There were three of them this year and then another litter of three after that. They are busy little birds!

This woodchuck got caught by us roaming around by our house so he had to climb up a tree to "stay safe" from us. He looks a little grumpy to me.
These turkeys like to stop by while we're at work and eat the sunflower seeds that fell on the ground.

Mufasa literally weighed only 1.5 lbs when we took him home.

Here he is lounging at the "beach".

Here is his buddy.
Sleeping is definitely his favorite thing to do.

Little Simba

Simba & Mufasa are best friends.

Here are some of our deer.

Our Turkeys. The turkeys in the snow came to visit on Thanksgiving Day!!

The turtle that likes to walk on our driveway. Mufasa must think he is another dog..

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