Thursday, June 28, 2007


Pete has been quite the smiler and ham ever since he was "Baby Pete". You'll see for yourself in the next few pictures.

Pete didn't really suck his thumb that much but here's one I caught of him while Maria & Daddy were carving pumpkins. He just looks so peaceful as he's sleeping.

Here he is with Grandpa & Grandma. That football sleeper he is wearing with Grandpa is one of my favorites. It has little footballs on the feet.

Pete simply adores his big cousin, Jordan. Here they are watching the Superbowl together.

Pete found his feet!

Here's some sure-fire signs of teething - cherry, red cheeks and chewing on his towel. Pete prefers a wet washcloth to chew on when his teeth are bothering him.

Here we are blowing raspberries. I like how all of his effort to get those bubbles out went right through to his toes.

I like this picture of him. He looks so insightful.

Here he is with his "GG" (Great Grandma).

Here Pete is with his Uncle Sean.

Pete's favorite place - on top of Daddy's shoulders and pulling his hair and playing the drums on his head.

He loves to smile with his mouth open..

Here he is talking to us and being silly.


Houston, we have a crawler. Pete can speed crawl and even does "bear crawls" but he refuses to try to walk by himself. He can go so fast when he crawls that he has no interest in walking.

We really do feed him!

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