Thursday, September 27, 2007

Believe in Detroit

There are two reasons why I am posting this.

1. This past weekend, I went to an Irish bar for my brother's birthday and when using the bathroom after a couple Guinness' I realized that Ihaven't been in a bathroom in a long time where there's been writing on the wall so, given my Guinness consumption, I decided to take a picture.

2. I no longer live in Detroit, but it still bothers me when people talk negatively about Detroit in front of me. It seems that all of the bad stuff is always focused on (and I know there has and always will be something to complain about) and anything good is overshadowed by this. I can't believe some people are so insensitive as to say bad things about where I'm from to my face. A lot of who I am is based on where I'm from so it's kind of like insulting me. But, I get over it. Many other things to worry about. So, I am not the one that wrote this on the bathroom, but I do agree with what it says even if it is written on a bathroom wall.

PS. While I didn't live in Detroit my entire life, I still say I am from Detroit. I have went to school there, worked there, and partied there. I am from Detroit.

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