Monday, September 17, 2007

Maria's Question About Our Wedding

Over the weekend, Maria was looking at the wedding pictures on our wall and I asked her if she wanted to look through our many wedding albums. She said yes and while I was cooking, she was looking at all of the pictures. One of the questions she asked was if I left my glass slipper on the palace stairs?

She has also stated that she would like to wear a tiara and white dress when she grows up and gets married. Why do we have to talk about this now??


apt said...

Awwww... glass slipper. So sweet - you were a princess in your daughter's eyes.

Em said...

That is so sweet, Christina. And doesn't she look like a princess in that picture! What a pretty little girl. I hope to meet her soon!

Amy Carroll said...

I love sweet!

That is just a lovely picture of your daughter. Such a quiet moment.