Thursday, November 15, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

Maria wasn't too into pumpkin carving this time around. She thought that it was too yucky and dirty.

But I did get her to smile.

Here she is supervising.

And here is Pete's "goofy" pumpkin.

Here is Maria and her "scary" by request pumpkin.

Pete wasn't too interested in the whole process but he did get in on some of the fun when we were done.


BettyG said...

Great Picture of a girl with a mind of her own! Who did the actual carving-Mommy or Daddy? Both pumpkins came out great!

Amy Carroll said...

What CUTE pictures! The last one is my favorite. It's been years since I've done pumpkin carving.

apt said...

Maria's "I'm not putting my hand in THERE" face is priceless.