Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Halloween 2007

We have a "special" pumpkin that I try to get the kids to pose with every year. Maria already lost her glass slippers!

And here is the kangaroo and princess on our porch.

Aunt Marlene looking over the Cinderella's accessories.

Aunt Ruth's house.

Pete loves to look at the picture of himself that Aunt Esther is holding.

Pete is observing the two princesses in action.

With Uncle Sean.

Nana and her special trick or treat bag for Maria.

Cinderella and Belle

Maria not sharing her goodies with Boppa

A knight and a kangaroo.


Kristen Holly said...

How fun! They are too cute!

Amanda said...

Your kids are too cute! Every time I see Maria in her costume I think Snow White though!