Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Last of My Birdfeeder Action

It is the last because we bought this bulk birdseed that the birds don't like so we won't be having any more cool visitors until the squirrel finishes it up!!
Chickadee and Nut Hatch
Love how I got this cardinal chewing with his mouth open. How rude!
This was taken on a snow day. These guys just don't give up, rain, snow, or shine!
Downey WoodpeckerThese guys are close runners up to my favorite bird - Tufted Titmouse
Still my favorite, sassy bird - Chickadee


True_Floridian Momma said...

Beautiful pictures.....

where in MI are you?

I'm from Sandusky, but moved over to Brighton and met my hubs. there.

We don't live there now, but it's always fun to come across a fellow michigander

BettyG said...

Great bird pics! I wish we would get the tufted titmouse at our feeder. I haven't seen one in quite a while.