Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jason's Ingenious Seed Starting Invention

I'm jumping a big ahead of myself on this post because I just took these this past weekend and I always wait for the month to be over and for editing before I post them here. But, spring fever is definitely getting the best of me and I have to show off my handy husband's latest invention. Previously, we have had all of the seeds growing in the sunniest area of our house - the sunroom. But, it is typically a little cool in there and that's where we eat dinner now. Oh, and did I mention a precocious 1.5 year old is lurking too?

So, after looking at all of the websites that were recommended to me by my fellow nesties, this is going to be the new home for our seedlings in our walkout. They are going to be kept toastie warm with this contraption to hold the flourescent lights over them.

All of these pictures are straight out of my camera so I really had to concentrate on getting proper exposure given the extreme of the lights which is what I should be doing all of the time but these were a lot easier to get practice on than an active 3.5 year old or 1.5 year old.

We are currently testing the temperature under the lights...

By moving the chain links, I will be able to raise the lamps as the seeds grow taller.
The lights are on a timer for 18 hours per day.

When am I going to plant? I think the second half of March for the ones that need to be sown 8-10 weeks before last frost (Delosperma & Shasta Daisy). Hopefully I'll be showing you some seedlings in April.

And finally, some more good growing from seed tips:


apt said...

That looks great! I can't wait to see little sprouts!

Erin Marie said...

THat is a neat contraption! I'm quite impressed with your ingenuity and your husbands handiwork.

BettyG said...

Wow! Jason is truly inventive! If this works, maybe he could market it!

Kristen said...

This is SO cool! I want seedlings! ::pout::