Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pete Black & White Conversion

I am experimenting with converting color to black & white. I started with this picture:

And ended up with this one..

Here's one I tried to convert but I couldn't get it where I wanted it so I'm just leaving it in color. Besides, you can't see the bruise above his right eye if it's in B&W - BOYS!!!


apt said...

Those eyelashes are going to make the jr. high girls swoon someday.

Like I've told you, I don't know Photoshop. Is converting to B&W anything other than pushing a button? I like the other edits you did. Very nice.

Amanda said...

Great job! And I JUST figured out what your name letters... the CJMPJMS meant! duh!

Kristen said...

You wouldn't want to make those gorgeous eyes black & white anyway! Really, they're amazing!

Eeeee!!!! See you tomorrow!!!! :)