Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Jason Birth Story

So, the entire pregnancy, I was sooo sure I was going to go early. He was sitting so low and I just felt like I (or he) grew so fast, that I was surely going to be early. I was right on time with Maria and 2 weeks early with Pete so I was so sure I would go early with Baby J. Not true!

At about 38 weeks, we did an ultrasound to see how big Baby Jason was to see if I should be induced to prevent me having another 9lb baby (Pete). The ultrasound said that Baby J was 8lbs 5oz so we decided to induce. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a spot (because this is considered elective) until the following week (June 4).

A few days before the induction, on May 29th, a helicopter crashed on top of our hospital. Luckily no one was hurt badly but it was a huge event for our community (it made CNN!) so I have to mention it. I was just worried about where to go if I did go into labor while the emergency room was down but it all got resolved in the afternoon. Apparently, someone gave birth to a baby in the lobby of the emergency room during the incident!

So, at 6am on Wednesday morning, we went to our induction appointment. Maria and Pete got to have their Nana stay the night with them and take them to school. It was kind of weird just casually going in for an appointment when we knew something big was going to happen. I got to have more time to contemplate what was coming so I was probably a little more nervous than the previous two births.

My doctor checked me and found out that Baby J's head was floating rather than "plugging" and he didn't want to break my water and then have really strong contractions that might cause the cord to get caught in the space between Baby J's head and the birth canal. We decided to start with a light dose of pitocin to see if the contractions would get his head to move into position. We waited for awhile as the contractions picked up to see if that would happen but during the course of that time, Baby J's heart rate began severely dropping from the 140's to the 60's after a series of contractions. All of a sudden, a couple more nurses and my doctor rushed in and we had to try to get me into different positions to see if it would help with the heart rate and I got an oxygen mask.

They were able to get the heart rate back up and his head was in position so we decided to break my water and I got some more thorough readings of the heart rate and contractions. I was carring more than the normal amount of water the whole time so that partly accounted for why Baby J looked so big! The doctor and nurse thought the next floor was going to flood!

The water breaking brought on more strong contractions so I requested an epidural. As I was waiting, Jason got lunch and was eating as I was going through the contractions and with his mouth full of breadsticks said "don't worry, everything will be fine" as if that was supposed to comfort me and I started laughing (because he was just exaggerating that he was going to sit and watch me go through that pain rather than help me out) which made the contractions hurt more! The anesthisiologist came over pretty quickly and we got everything set up. It was the smoothest epidural I've had out of the three thankfully.

But, unfortunately, as the contractions got more intense, it was still causing Baby J's heart rate to plummet. Plus, I had had a LEEP done about a year ago and there was some scar tissue that needed to get out of the way before I could fully dilate and start pushing. So, we had to wait a long time and go through the heart rate drops. There were a couple times where they had me get onto all fours (with all of the cords and stuff attached to me and legs that weren't responding to my commands to move) so that we could get the heart rate stabilized.

Finally, the scar tissue was gone and I was fuly dilated and I could start pushing. I literally only had to push for 10~20 minutes. It was so easy!

At 4pm on the dot, Baby J came out kind of quietly but then we got to hear his set of lungs pretty soon after that! As soon as he was laying on my chest, I could see he is a perfect little boy. He has a full head of long, black hair and smaller facial features (at least to me). His face was all scrunched up when we first saw him and he was a little cuddle bug. We are so thankful to have such a handsome and healthy little boy who we love very much already!

The doctor told us that the cord was loosely wrapped around Baby J's neck so that is why we kept having those heart rate drops. Maria had a similar problem when she was born too.

Baby J has this very serious stare to him and is loving observing his surroundings quietly. Like most babies, he does not like to be unwrapped and in the cold. He has been eating great and has far exceeded his pooping requirements for the first 24 hours! So, in the baby's book - he is doing great!!

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes. This has been a wonderful experience for us and I'm glad that we could share it with you!

As you know, you can expect TONS of pictures in future posts!! I can't wait to get home!


Shana said...

What a story! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to see more pictures of Baby Jason!

Amanda said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! GRBaby is anxiously waiting your announcement :)

Enjoy your little cuddle bug!

Keri said...

Quite a story! Congrats again!

apt said...

It must have been worrisome to see the heart rate dropping. I'm so very glad that Jason is here, and that all of you are doing well. Congrats.
I'm hoping you post about the time that Maria and Pete meet their little brother.

Em said...

Congratulations again Momma!!

Erin Marie said...

Congratulations again! I can only imagine how emotional that must be. I, too, can't wait to hear about what the other munchkins have to say about their new brother!

Michelle said...

Christina and Jason, We are so excited for you two. WE missed you at the reunion, but we will let it slide this year! Maria and I were buds though, we bonded!! :)Congrats, Baby Jay looks so cute and we CANNOT wait to meet him. WE love you all!! SHell and Jess

The Loucks Family said...

Congratulations Mama! He is beautiful :-)

Kristen said...

Congrats again! Great story, so glad to hear it all went well. Now let's see some pictures!!

Kerri said...

What a wonderful story! How exciting. I can't wait to read updates all summer long, and of course, see pictures!!!

The Loucks Family said...

Excuse me ma'am, we need to see some new Jason pictures!