Friday, June 13, 2008

Mother's Day Present 2008

So, my master plan for a Father's Day gift is just not going to happen this year. But, the good news is that I will have a YEAR to work on it for 2009! Anyway, here is what I was able to accomplish for Mother's Day this year.
Step 1: Choose some artwork that your son or daughter did and take a picture of it. Choose a title for it and translate it into a foreign language using a site like Put your son or daughter's name, the translated title, and the date on the artwork somewhere.
This one is called "La stampa di Patata" or Potato Stamps..

This one is called "La Dita Viola e Blu" or Purple and Blue Fingers.

Step 2: Upload the picture of the artwork to and have notecards printed with the artwork.

Now I can't wait to use them to write thank you notes for Baby J!


Keri said...

That's just such an awesome idea! They turned out great. Great job!!

Kristen said...

What.a.COOL.idea! That's awesome, Christina, and gives the art that much more appeal and sparks curiosity. Love it.

Kerri said...

So stinking cool! You are so creative!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Now I can do it for Ron when Ethan is a least a year old next year!