Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Born

Finally! My first post in a long time!! I'm suffering from withdrawal. I hope you all are still reading. I have some great pictures coming up too and a backlog of other stuff so stay tuned. Thanks for looking!

Nana came by to visit her new grandson..

What a trooper! He already knows to look at the camera!! And as a sidenote, I am so hoping he gets Jason's eyes. I know, totally minor when you already have a happy, healthy baby, but I can't help myself. They are so pretty!


Keri said...

Yay, more baby Jason pictures! You guys all look great. And I'm glad your back to blogging. ;-)

Rachael said...

I figured you were just EXHAUSTED from everything. But i'm glad you found the time to upload more pictures. He is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you both!!!!

Kerri said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

apt said...

I'm imagining you popping out of bed to take the photos of Baby Jason. Hee hee.
He's adorable, and you all look so very happy.

Anonymous said...

Christina who took these photos for you? They are really nice! You do good work too! Wanna shoot sometime together?