Friday, September 5, 2008

Heather & Aaron - Wedding!

This is the amazing and unique and green wedding that I had the honor of shooting with the FABULOUS Kristen from K. Holly Studios.

Heather grew her own flowers for the bouquets and she and her bridesmaids picked the flowers and made their own bouquets.

The bridesmaid dresses were made from organic cotton and each bridesmaid had her own special style using the same colors.

This is Heather and Aaron's kitty wondering what all of the hub bub was about that day.

Heather wore a vintage dress instead of the traditional wedding dresses I am used to seeing. It suited her perfectly and she looked beautiful. I loved her hair with the flower in it as well.

This is Heather and Aaron seeing each other for the first time at the lake where we took their engagement pictures and where they decided to get married.

Like their dresses, the bridesmaids were unique in their own way and contributed so much to Heather and Aaron's day. They were all so friendly and they really worked well together to make the day go smoothly.

These were Heather and Aaron's picture perfect flower girls - twins!!

Heather's mom played the violin during the ceremony.

The guests made an arch with their hands for the bride and groom to walk under to their get away vehicle....


The details of the wedding reception were environmentally concious. Here are the place cards.

Here are Heather's comfy shoes.

ymmmm, beeer.

The food was all homemade and delicious!

The candles were in the middle of an artichoke making for a gorgeous table setting.

Heather and Aaron, thank you so much for allowing Kristen and I to be a part of your wedding. It was a wonderful experience and we loved seeing all of your beautiful details, witnessing your special moments, and meeting your wonderful family and friends.


Erin N. said...

Oh my gosh, your framing is just gorgeous. These look amazing!

BettyG said...

Your pictures show all the work and planning Heather and Aaron did to make their wedding day come off so smoothly and uniquely. I'm sure no one who attended will ever forget it!

Maribeth said...

Very cool wedding. Nice to see something different.

Kerri said...

Wow, that was great...the photos and the wedding. Very cool.

amber said...

Beautiful pictures! You did a great job.

amber said...

Beautiful pictures! You did a great job.